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All of our premium quality cupcakes come with a bonus: A mouthwatering filling on the inside!

A few words about Frosted Fusion Cupcakes

Let us introduce ourselves

Master cake decorator Tom Miller created Frosted Fusion Cupcakes in 2019. Tom’s sweet idea blossomed from a distinguished 25-year career in cake decorating and baking. His love of all things frosted inspired him to launch this home-based business in Mooresville, Indiana.

Not only are these cupcakes frosted on the outside, but they also reveal a delicious surprise inside. Every cupcake is filled with berries, buttercream, custard or another delectable treat!

This unique feature led to the name Frosted Fusion Cupcakes, as each cupcake is a combination of two or more flavors.

It can even be something new for me to try to create. I like the challenge of putting flavors together for a delightful cupcake.

The result is a luscious cupcake from the inside out. Whether you’re a chocolate lover or nut fanatic, Frosted Fusion Cupcakes has a flavor for you. These gourmet cupcakes are crafted from top quality ingredients like real lemon curd and vanilla bean. At Frosted Fusion Cupcakes, we don’t take shortcuts when it comes to satisfying your sweet tooth!

Delectable fillings aren’t the only things that make Frosted Fusion Cupcakes unique. As a home-based business owner, Chef Tom creates small batches and customizes orders to your preferences.

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